Monthly Call

The farmOS community hosts a monthly call via Zoom. Anyone is welcome to join. Ask questions, brainstorm ideas, or just talk farming.

Refer to the schedule below, and use the "Join Call" link to join the call.

NOTE: In case you have problems joining a call, check the chat room. Last minute updates or changes will be communicated there!

Join Call

Calls are currently held on the second Wednesday of the month, at 2pm Eastern US time.

Note that Daylight Savings Time is observed in the US, so the time relative to UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) will change twice a year. The schedule below shows that, along with the actual UTC times for each call. UTC is for most purposes the same as GMT.

Use this calendar file or view the schedule below.

2021 Schedule

January 13th @ 2pm EST / 7pm UTC

February 10th @ 2pm EST / 7pm UTC

March 10th @ 2pm EDT / 7pm UTC

April 14th @ 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC

May 12th @ 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC

June 9th @ 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC

July 14th @ 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC

August 11th @ 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC

September 8th @ 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC

October 13th @ 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC

November 10th @ 2pm EST / 7pm UTC

December 8th @ 2pm EST / 7pm UTC