farmOS can be used to manage equipment assets on the farm.

Equipment movements and activities can be recorded via standard log types, and a special Maintenance log type is provided specifically for keeping equipment maintenance records.

Equipment logs

In addition to the standard log types that all farmOS assets share (activities, observations, inputs, and harvests), the equipment module provides an additional log type that is specific to equipment: maintenance.

Maintenance logs can be used to record when you perform maintenance on a piece of equipment. This can be a repair, a tune-up, an oil change, a cleaning, or anything thing else that is maintenance related to the proper use and functioning of the equipment. All your maintenance records can be organized, categorized, and filtered like other log types in farmOS.

Equipment use logs

When you are creating logs, you can also reference the equipment that was used. In combination with the "assets" field on logs, you can specify which assets received the action, and which equipment assets performed it. You will then see a list of "Equipment use logs" on each equipment record, so you can track when it was used.

Suggested uses

  • Use activity logs to record equipment use.
  • Keep track of equipment location with movements.
  • Record oil changes, repairs, and inspections with maintenance logs.
  • Track fuel usage with input logs.