Quantity measurements

Most logs in farmOS have the ability to record structured quantity measurements alongside other details. These can be used to collect data about your farm activities in an organized way, which can be analyzed later to provide insights.

Quantity measurements can be added via the "Quantity" field on logs. More than one quantity measurement can be added to a single log.

The "Quantity" field consists of four optional sub-fields:

  • Measure - What type of measurement is this? Eg: Weight, Volume, Count, Temperature, etc.
  • Value - The measurement value (a number).
  • Units - The unit of measure. This can be anything you like, but it's always good to keep your units consistent, as much as possible, for later analysis.
  • Label - Labels are just a text field that allow you to add an additional note to the quantity measurement. This is helpful if you have multiple quantities of the same measure.

Quantity report

A single log in farmOS can have multiple quantity measurements, but when viewing a list of logs only the first quantity measurement will be displayed. A special "Quantity Report" module is provided specifically for querying logged quantity measurements . This allows you to specify filter criteria and generate a list of quantity measurements that can be viewed in farmOS or exported to a CSV file. This provides a very flexible approach to gathering ongoing quantitative data on your farm, and then analyzing it for trends over time.

This module is still in "beta", and more filters/capabilities are being added. If you have ideas, please create feature requests on GitHub. It is not enabled by default when farmOS is installed, so you need to turn it on in order to use it.