Inventory tracking

A new feature available in farmOS 7.x-1.0-beta16 is an inventory module, which allows for tracking of asset inventory levels over time via logs. As of this release, inventory management is only enabled on animal assets, but will be enabled on other asset types in future releases. For more information about tracking animal inventory, read the animal asset user guide.

Inventory can be added/subtracted from an asset using the "Inventory adjustment" fields on logs. You may also make more than one inventory adjustment on an individual log (to different assets, for example).

The inventory adjustment field has two subfields: Asset and Value.

The asset field references the asset whose inventory is being adjusted. The value field is a positive or negative adjustment to the asset's inventory. A positive number will add to the inventory, and a negative number will subtract from the inventory.

An asset's current inventory is visible on the asset record page. You can also view a list of all logs that have adjusted the asset's inventory in the past (as well as planned inventory adjustment logs in the future).