The Grazing module for farmOS provides features for planning and recording movements of animal herds/flocks through paddocks. It includes a "Grazing Plan" for organizing related records, and utilizes the areas, animal and group assets, and movement logs from farmOS.

Grazing Plans allow you to select a set of paddocks, enter information about their relative forage quality and recovery time, and create movements of animal herds through them. Recommendations for the number of grazing days the herds spend in each paddock are calculated based on paddock information and herd intake requirements.

Group assets are used to represent herds. You must create at least one Group asset and one Animal asset inside it, as well as the Paddock areas that they will move through, before you create a plan.

The planned movements are created as activity logs. They can then be browsed in the context of an individual plan, or in the larger context of other farm operations. They will automatically show up under "Planned tasks" on the farmOS dashboard.

Plans can be archived, so you can look back on the movements from previous years without distracting from your active plans.